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Sherri's Pharmacy Services

Welcome to Sherri's Pharmacy Services

Welcome to Sherri's Pharmacy Services

Welcome to Sherri's Pharmacy ServicesWelcome to Sherri's Pharmacy Services



Delivery Service

If you are sick, managing children, or just don't want to get out, it's nice to have the convenience of home/office delivery.  We offer free delivery inside Grant City city limits Monday through Friday.  Ask us about this service on your next visit or phone call. 

Mail-Out Service

If you live outside our delivery area, ask about our free mail-out service.  Going on a trip?  Ask the pharmacist about mailing the medication to your destination.  

Billing Service

Our technicians and office staff are trained in handling common insurance billing including private, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, and Medicaid DME.  We will work with your caseworker or major medical insurer to help clear up co-payment problems.

Automatic Refills

Sherri's Pharmacy Services offers a service to automatically refill and then mail or deliver your maintenance prescriptions to you as they come due.  This service is helpful if you tend to forget to order your refills from time-to-time and can help keep you from running out of the medications you need.  This service also saves you the hassle of remembering to refill you routine prescriptions each month.  If you are on automatic refill, your medication is guaranteed* to be in stock when you need it with no repeat trips to the pharmacy.  (*If the manufacturer cannot supply your medication, we will work with your physician to find an alternative to ensure your treatment is not interuppted.)

Fax and Copy Service

Sherri's Pharmacy Services offers fax service to all customers.  Send and receive your personal faxes with confidence.  It's cheaper than buying a fax machine and phone line!  Just give our fax number to your sending party and make sure your name is on the fax. When we receive you fax, we will hold it until you come to pick it up.  This service costs $1.00 per page, ingoing or outgoing.

Health Professional Supplies and Special Orders

We can order most office practice supplies from our suppliers.  If you need an item and don't want to open an account or just can't find what you are looking for, give us a call.  We order pill crushers, cutters, cups, nursing and wound care, security seals, and a whole lot more.  This is a courtesy service we offer to our local health professionals.  We sell these items to you at our cost plus a small handling fee.

After Hours Emergency Service

   After hours service is just a phone call away for true medication emergencies.  After hour phone numbers are 660-564-3417 or 816-509-9124.